Incredible? But true!

Here you can buy a title of nobility. And that since 1999!
Nobility titles are an unusual gift idea for those who already have everything and don’t know what to wish for. On request, we can also issue certificates for the partner and children for each title of nobility.


Nobility Certificates

Your title of nobility naturally comes with its own magnificent certificate of appointment. On this the elevation to the nobility is confirmed, it is stamped and signed. The certificates are Irish A4 size and ready to be framed. The documents are based on the medieval documents in terms of text and design.

Free partner certificates

Of course, if you are raised to the rank of Irish Lord or Lady, your family will also be affected. We offer optional free partner certificates. The little ones don’t miss out either, we can also issue the corresponding certificates for the children for each aristocratic title on request. This is particularly beautiful because the children can often be referred to as prince and princess if the parents are noble.

Your coat of arms

You will also automatically receive a coat of arms for your nobility title. You can download the coat of arms as a PDF free of charge. Use the coat of arms freely on your business cards, letterhead, mailbox, or wherever you like.


The titles include our information supplements. We provide beautifully designed information booklets for all nobility titles. They lack any reference to our website or other advertising, so that you can give it away as a great gift. The printed inserts come per title, not per partner certificate.

Presentation folder

Your certificates will be delivered in a presentation folder if you order shipping. This is not so much for transporting your aristocratic documents, but rather as small gift packaging. If you want to give away the title framed, you can put the enclosures and information in the presentation folder.

Discover our great and unique accessories that round off your title of nobility perfectly

If you order an accessory, you will automatically receive all the ordered certificates printed out in a gift folder together with the booklet “Noble Society – My Noble Title” printed in high gloss.

You can order our accessories together with your aristocratic title. In each noble title you will find the option “send as PDF” or “print and send”. Please select the print, then a menu will appear in which you can select other items

Golden ID card

The ID card is the size of a business card and is made of aluminium. The front is printed in gold and includes your title and coat of arms. A wonderful accessory that should not be missing from any nobleman’s wallet. Use the ID card, for example, to “identify” yourself in a hotel or restaurant.

Coins – your own currency

The value of the coins is shown on one side. This is 1 Coróin for silver coins and 10 Sabhran for gold coins. On the other side you will find prominently your coat of arms as well as your name and title.


The coins have a diameter of 30mm and are silver or gold colored with a high gloss finish. Both sides are engraved by us with a high-quality special engraving machine.

The value of the coins in the Irish titles of lords is taken from the medieval currency of Ireland:

1 coróin equals 5 shillings = 1 crown
1 sabhran equals 20 shillings = 1 sovereign