Lord / Lady of Kerry

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As Lord of Kerry you are the proud owner of a shared property in the romantic Irish southwest of Ireland and receive a title of nobility. Now you can configure your certificates, add them to your cart and redeem your voucher at the next site

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Your certificates can be downloaded immediately after ordering. They are available in your customer account and never expire. We charge only a small one-time fee. This helps us to cover the costs a bit and makes the unlimited availability to download all your certificates and coats of arms at any time possible.

Printed & Shipping: If you wish, we can send you everything printed (all certificates printed on glossy paper, brochure printed, gift folder) and ship it to you (airmail, approximately 6 business days). You can add this option here. Shipping costs are included.


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You receive

  • Lovingly designed, colored certificates confirming ownership of the land and nomination to the nobility with your name and date
  • Large colored booklet with all information about the country and the title. Learn more about Ireland and Kerry and how you can bear their title
  • Kerry’s coat of arms as a pdf: you can use the coat of arms as you wish. Print it on a mug or t-shirt, have a sticker for your car made and more

Immediately after your order you will be directed to the confirmation page and you can download your certificates, your booklet and your coat of arms. The certificates, the booklet and your coat of arms are then available for unlimited download on your “My account” page. This means that you can still access it for years to come. To be able to download your documents, you need an account. You can simply create this during the ordering process.

Learn how to redeem your voucher:

Single Package: please put in the name for the first certificate and, if you like, the name for the free additional certificate and click “ADD TO CART”.

Couple Package: follow the steps for an single package. After click on “ADD TO CART”, please do not leave the site. Just put the next names into the fields “Name on certificate” and “Additional certificates”. So you get 2 complete titles. Now please got to “VIEW CART” and check out.

Family Package: please follow the steps as described for the couple package. Please add all in all 4 titles following the steps above. One by another.


16 reviews for Lord / Lady of Kerry

  1. Lord John Morimanno of Kerry (verified owner)

    Very easy to use and the certificates come in timely and great quality. I have bought a few for great friends. Now we have something to look forward to when we go to Ireland.

  2. frances bruce

    Easy to use. Interested to see what comes of it.

  3. Kayla Hart

    My boyfriend is from Ireland and I just found this site! Perfect Christmas Present!!

  4. Melanie Diaz (verified owner)

    so much fun to be ” Lady Melanie” I cant wait to give the rest to my sons and husband for Fathers Day I know there going to love them

  5. Nora Buchanan (verified owner)

    Got this for my grandchildren so they’d never forget their Irish heritage.

  6. Lyle Cunningham (verified owner)

    Absolutely worth the money. Great gift for anyone. Even better if you have any Irish heritage. Entire package is done well, the certificate, description info packet and the folder. Great job.

  7. Douglas Rising


  8. Tyra

    Easy to use…

  9. Marlene Anderson

    A perfect gift for my friend who is fighting a battle with cancer and just found out that she has Irish Ancestors!

  10. Lisa

    My husband is now entitled!

  11. Ruth Mina (verified owner)

    My family entered the States more than a hundred years ago as O’Donoghues. It’s really cool and special to me to be able to enjoy this taste of my Irish heritage in such a fairytale way. I cannot wait to receive my package. Thank you so much! <3

  12. Kathy S. O’Brien – Rhodes

    I’m Irish by blood and this is just a wonderful token!! I believe O’Brien in Ireland is like Smith in the USA, but I feel special anyway

  13. C Dwyer

    Looking forward to giving as a gift.

  14. LADY JILL (verified owner)

    I am so excited to give these as gifts! i bought one for myself and felt transformed instantly with my title as a “Lady” and a land owner in Europe! i am sitting up straighter, walking taller and have aquired a hint of a brogue. Customer service is Brilliant. I had problems cause I redeemed my groupon codes too early and the Noble Society Services helped me out immediately with an email and clear directions of how to resolve my code issues. Thank You very much!!

  15. Kristin


  16. Nicole Chapman (verified owner)

    This was very easy to use. Great information on the site about the land and benefits, I’m very happy.

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